Many homeowners put off HVAC maintenance because they worry about costs. However, maintenance is more affordable than you may think and can save you money in the long run. Here are five reasons you should get an HVAC maintenance plan.

1. Take Advantage of Discounts on Repairs

Most HVAC maintenance plans give you a discount on all repairs as one of the perks of being on the plan. We provide a 15% discount on repairs for clients who’ve signed up for our HVAC maintenance plan. Accurate Comfort is proud to serve residents in Marco Island, FL; Naples, FL; and the surrounding areas.

2. Save Time on Not Needing to Reschedule Every Year

When you sign up for a maintenance plan, the company will show up at an agreed date every year to tune-up your HVAC system. We’ll perform a tune-up on your HVAC system twice a year under our maintenance plan. Your heating and cooling systems need slightly different tasks completed, which is why you’ll need maintenance twice each year.

3. Enjoy Priority Status

We give customers on our HVAC maintenance agreements priority status. This means if anything goes wrong with your system, we’ll fix it faster.

4. Extend the Lifespan of Your Heating and Cooling System

Bi-annual HVAC maintenance ensures your heating and cooling system lasts as long as it’s supposed to. Lack of maintenance is what shortens an HVAC unit’s lifespan and causes the need for more frequent repairs.

5. Prevent High Energy Bills

Getting an HVAC maintenance plan will keep your energy bills low. HVAC systems lose efficiency while they operate but can have this efficiency restored with a tune-up. During maintenance, we clean the dust and debris out of the system to help it operate without problems. We also replace worn parts and belts that are close to snapping.

Accurate Comfort is a family-owned and -operated company serving the Marco Island area. You know you can trust our services because we’ve won the Carrier President’s Award. It’s the highest recognition that Carrier awards its factory-authorized dealers. Besides HVAC maintenance, we offer heating repair, cooling repair, heating installation, cooling installation, indoor air quality, swimming pool heater repair, swimming pool heater installation, water source heat pump repair, water source heat pump installation, and home energy audits.