The weather in Florida makes it critical that the air conditioning systems be in top operating condition for the summer season particularly. AC installation in Naples FL HVAC in Naples HVAC Bonita Springs air conditioning repair Marco Island Naples 24 hour HVAC are service professionals who help residents in the area to be assured of functioning air conditioning equipment. One of the weather facts which is not as well known as the mild winter season is the fact that Florida is the state with the highest number of lightning strikes in the United States.

Florida holds this somewhat unwelcome honor in part due to its high heat levels, high humidity and its location between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known that rain clouds added to high heat can create conditions of thunderstorms and associated lightning strikes. Lightning hits each square mile in Central Florida approximately forty times a year.

Thunderstorms occur in Florida in approximately one-third of the days of each year on the average. California, in comparison, has storm days numbering only five each year. The entire state experiences lightning strikes at a high rate, but the most dangerous part of the state extends from St. Augustine to Lake Okeechobee in the south and from coast to coast.

Daily showers during the summer are a common occurrence in Florida and care should be taken due to the danger of the weather patterns. Floridians are ranked at the top of the list in the number of lightning-caused deaths each year. One hundred people die from a lightning strike in the United States annually, of which ten to thirteen are in Florida. Almost all of the deaths occur between late May and end of September.

Nearly six hundred people annually are injured from lightning events, of which thirty are residents of Florida. A surprising fact is that more people in the United States die from lightning than those who die from hurricane or tornado storms.

A thunderstorm viewed from a safe distance can be a beautiful and awe-inspiring display. It is wise for residents of Florida, in particular, to be aware of the danger of a lightning strike and use preventative measures to avoid the risks. A viewing from up-close-and-person distance can be a frightening and deadly experience.

Lightning casualties are most likely to occur while on the telephone, in the kitchen, doing laundry, watching television or in an open door or window. Damages to homes are most likely to occur on roofs and projections, a television antenna, overhead power line or adjacent trees.

While homeowners and individuals cannot prevent lightning strikes, they can take action by avoiding being outdoor during a storm. There are some common myths about the actions of lightning strikes which should be understood. Lightning can strike twice in the same place, for instance. Lightning does not always travel the shortest distance to ground. Using a quality air conditioning system will keep you cool and comfortable during summer thunderstorms and help to prevent the disaster of a lightning-caused personal injury.