Air QualityAre you think about purchasing a new air conditioner for your home? Comparing one brand of an air conditioner with a different brand is confusing for the average consumer. Although there are many factors, you should take into consideration before buying a new air conditioner for your home, one of the most useful pieces of information is the A/C’s SEER rating. There is one small problem. Most homeowners don’t know what a SEER rating is, nor understand how the rating can affect how happy they are with their new air conditioner.

A Quick Guide to SEER Ratings
What is SEER rating?
The acronym SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The US Dept of Energy uses the SEER rating to help consumers make better choices about which A/C to purchase for their homes. Before a new air conditioner is allowed to be sold within the US, the unit is tested to determine its energy use and performance level before being assigned a SEER rating.

Every air conditioner sold in the US ranges between 13 and 25 SEER. Air conditioners with a higher SEER rating require less electricity to cool the same amount of air volume than ones with lower SEER ratings. A/C units with higher SEER ratings tend to cost less to operate over an average year of use.

Do you want to see how much you can save each year by choosing an A/C with a higher SEER rating? There are many online SEER rating calculators which can help.

So, the A/C with the highest SEER rating is the one I should buy
While you may be tempted to believe that an air conditioner with a higher SEER rating is always the best choice for your home, this is not always the case. It is essential to look at several factors beyond SEER rating, before settling on any unit:

  • Your budget. A/C units with higher SEER ratings are much more expensive to purchase and install.
  • Your climate. If you live in an environment which is cooler, and you won’t be running the A/C at least 125 days a year or more, the SEER rating will matter less.
  • Length of time you plan to remain in the home. Homeowners who plan to move within a few years may not be able to save enough on their cooling costs to warrant the additional expenses.

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