Pollutions is not merely an outside issue. Smog and pollen reduce outer air quality, but what is inside your home might be far worse. Indoor air quality is not about the smell; it is about your health and the health of the family.

Air It Out
Ten minutes feels like forever to some people. Opening a window a few times a day for ten or fifteen minutes allows for a breeze to blow away dangerous pollutants and allergies created by mites or dust. Most people do not even realize that when you move a piece of furniture or replace an existing couch or chair, bothersome allergins are kicked up and diminishes indoor air quality.

Purifying the Pollution
Air cleaners come in different technologies. Humidifiers, whole-house air purifiers, and UV lamps destroy molds that cause sneezes or scratchy eyes while also filtering mycotoxins. The options available fit into every budget, both small and large. Clean air is priceless.

Plants Are The New Pet
Not everyone has a green thumb. Honestly, few people know how to tend and keep a houseplant, alive. But, it never hurts to try. The process of plants’ life cycle siphons noxious gases and pollutants to create a better overall environment. You are not only helping your lungs, but you are helping Mother Nature.

Abundance of Apps
In the day of phone apps to hire people to stand in line for you, or type your personal resume, there are even smartphone apps that will test the air quality of your home. Technology does not begin and end with equipment. Automation is no longer a trend, but the way we now live our lives. The air we breathe is not even more automated than our lungs.

Improving air quality will keep a sneezing fit from startling you awake, or waking up with red, itchy eyes. Accurate Comfort Services Inc. is here when you need us the most. Call us to discuss air quality and how you can improve yours with a selection of services today.