Many homeowners are concerned with air purity in their homes. Did you know that the air inside most homes is more polluted than the air outside? Poor air quality in the home can lead to both short-term and chronic health issues.

One way to improve the quality of air in your home is to use an air purifier. There are a lot of air purifiers available on the market, making it hard to make a decision as to which one to purchase. To help you, consider the following models if you want to make your home healthier.

Medify MA-112

This model packs a lot of purifying power while not giving up any speed. It’s designed to clean a 3,750-square-foot house in just an hour. Its speed is driven by its dual-intake design, meaning it draws in twice the air than a typical purifier. It has a three-stage filtration system with a HEPA filter along with the following specs and features:

  • 13-by-15-by-28-inch dimension
  • 32-pound weight
  • Touchscreen controls
  • 4-speed fan
  • Lifetime warranty

Blue Pure 121

This air purifier brings a sleek design with complete cleaning power. The carbon filter at the end of the filtration stages works to clean odors like cigarette smoke out of the air. This, on top of its two-tone sleek design, makes it a desirable unit. You will find the following specs on the Blu Pure 121:

  • 13-by-13-by-28.2-inch dimension
  • 18.2-pound weight
  • 700-square-foot range
  • 3-speed fan
  • Recyclable filters


This model is known for its cleaning power. The HyperHEPA filter helps get 99.7% of the particles out of the air down to 1 micron in size. It has a good range, considering its cleaning power, and can clean 1,240 square feet with ease. You will find these specs on the IQAir:

  • 16-by-15-by-28-inch dimension
  • 29-pound weight
  • Triple-seal technology
  • Energy efficiency

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