Ventilation is more important to your home than the average homeowner realizes. If your home isn’t adequately ventilated, it could become a haven for humidity, moisture, odors, allergens and worse. All the things that come into your home with you day after day remain trapped inside. It leads to more illnesses.

Which areas of your home are more vulnerable to ventilation problems?

Some areas of your home are more vulnerable than others when it comes to problems related to adequate ventilation. For instance, poorly ventilated kitchens and bathrooms can lead to moisture buildups from cooking and showering. Poorly ventilated attics can trap heat inside your home, raising the temperature, increasing your utility expenses, and causing additional wear on your air conditioning system.

How to address poor ventilation in your home

With homes today built with greater energy efficiency than ever before, ventilation can easily become a challenge. Homes in and around Marco Island, Florida, for instance, are designed to keep cool air in and hot air out.

The simple solutions often work best, which is why there are systems available that help homeowners throughout the area and beyond find the ventilation relief they need to keep the air inside their homes breathable, fresh and free of humidity, odors, allergens and more.

Energy recovery ventilators

Ideally suited for warmer climates like Florida’s, an energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, allows you to experience fresh air as if you had opened a window, without bringing in the heat of the day along with that fresh air. You get all the benefits of an open window for a nice fresh breeze without the negatives that go along with it, such as heat, pollen, and allergens coming in as well.

In cooler climates, heat recovery ventilators, or HRVs, offer similar services by bringing fresh air into the home by using heat from inside the home to warm the air being drawn into the home, reducing condensation and coolness at the same time.

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