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Keeping the central air conditioning system’s air filter clean and well maintained helps to ensure the optimal performance and efficiency of the system. In addition, a clean air filter improves the indoor air quality in the home, making a home a cleaner and healthier place to live. Changing the air filter is a simple task […]

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Springtime is here in Marco Island, FL, which means that it is time for a tune up for the air conditioner. An air conditioner tune up ensures that the system will work as efficiently and effectively as possible throughout the entire summer season. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians at Accurate Comfort Air Conditioning […]

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As a homeowner in the Naples, FL area, you might be wondering how exactly a heat pump works during the summer months. These energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems offer a dual or split function, as they are able to warm your home during the colder months and cool it during the summer, without […]

Comments Off on Federal Tax Credit 25C for Energy Efficient HVAC Is Back

They’re back! As part of the so-called fiscal cliff deal signed into law on January 2, tax credits are now available for specific energy-efficient home improvements, including a variety of HVAC installations. Through a program that’s commonly referred to as Federal Tax Credit 25C, homeowners can receive up to a $500 credit on their federal […]

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As a homeowner living on Marco Island FL, you might be wondering how your heat pump works in cold weather. Because a pump system is designed to move heat against the natural flow, it might seem confusing how this type of system can warm a home when it is cold outside. Our heating and air […]

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Most people are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe outside, but you have much more control over the air quality inside your Marco Island FL home. Dust mites, mold, pet dander and other contaminates can seriously alter the indoor air quality in Marco Island FL, causing your family to get sick more […]

Comments Off on Finding Furnace Repair in Marco Island FL Can Be Stress Free

Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. has been providing furnace repair in Marco Island FL since 1975. Our company also offers preventative maintenance and new installation for both heating equipment and air conditioners. If you are in need of furnace repair, we encourage you to contact us for a free estimate. You can complete an Internet request […]

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As a home or business owner in Naples FL in need of a new furnace installation, you might be worried about whether you can afford to have a new heating system installed. The answer is a resounding yes, as there is affordable furnace installation in Naples FL for home and business owners alike. As your […]

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Many people never give their heating system in Marco Island FL much thought until it breaks down. This may be especially true because of our mild climate, which does not cause us to use our heating system as often as in other parts of the United States. This does not mean you should not take […]

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When most people think of Marco Island FL, they may assume that residents run their air conditioners all year long. While air conditioners do get a workout, there are times that we need our heating systems as well. If the heating system in your Marco Island FL home doesn’t work like it should, we encourage […]

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Are you currently looking for heating contractors in Marco Island FL? Look no further than Accurate Comfort Services Inc. When it comes to finding reliable heating contractors, you should choose a company with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time around. We guarantee that your job will be done […]

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With temperatures still close to 90 degrees, having a non-functioning air conditioner unit makes life very uncomfortable  in Marco Island FL. Are you in need of air conditioner installation or repair? If you are, then Accurate Comfort Services Inc. can help you. We offer services that include air conditioning installation and repair on Marco Island […]

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As a homeowner in Marco Island, FL, you know that your heating and cooling system sometimes has to work extra hard to keep your home comfortable. But constant hard work can wear your system out, making it age quickly and require maintenance or repair. Depending on the system you currently have installed, a heating and […]

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If you live in Marco Island, FL, air conditioner repair is something that’s inevitable. So, knowing a reliable and affordable HVAC contractor is a must. When it comes to getting quality service at a price you can depend on, there’s one clear choice-Accurate Comfort Systems, Inc. About the Company Accurate Comfort Services is owned and […]

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Replacing an air conditioner in Marco Island, FL, should not be a hard task. Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. is an expert HVAC service company ready to help you choose the right system for your home. No matter which system you choose, regular AC maintenance will keep it running well for years. There are different types […]

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As a homeowner in Marco Island, FL, you may be wondering what benefits owning an energy efficient home would provide for you and your family. Energy efficient homes are growing in popularity across Florida and the United States, as energy rates continue to increase and a greater level of environmental awareness spreads through communities. There […]

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Marco Island, FL, is a great place for installing a new high efficiency HVAC system. Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., has models to choose from that will fit your home and budget perfectly. Since many different types of systems exist, it is wise to take some time and consider what each system is and what it […]

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Maintaining a dust free home in Marco Island, FL, can seem like a labor intensive task. You can use sprays, microfiber cloths and the vacuum cleaner to remove it from every part of your home. You can use the HVAC system to help you reduce the amount that accumulates inside the home. Accurate Comfort Services, […]

Comments Off on Easy Ways to Save Money on Energy Costs in Your Older Marco Island Home

Your Marco Island, FL, home may need air conditioning service so you can have energy savings this season. Accurate Comfort Systems, Inc. is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide your HVAC system with a complete checkup and any repairs needed to lower your bills. There are other things you can […]

Comments Off on Three Great Ways to Maintain a Comfortable Home Environment in Marco Island This Spring

Having a comfortable home may take some work with some of the house’s systems. HVAC companies can help you choose a high efficiency unit to keep your home environment healthy and comfortable. Accurate Comfort Services serves the Marco Island, FL, area with dedication and pride. Their technicians will work with you to help select the […]

Comments Off on Prep Your Marco Island Air Conditioner for Spring Weather With These Three Tips

Although you may be ready for spring in Marco Island, can you say the same about your air conditioner? At Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., an air conditioner repair and installation company in Marco Island, Florida, we recommend three specific air conditioning options to ensure that your air conditioner is prepared for the heavy demand it […]

Comments Off on Want to Ward Off Common Ventilation Problems in Your Marco Island, FL Home? These New Products and Services Can Help

At Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., we receive service calls every day that are related to common ventilation issues. If you are experiencing problems with fogged windows, high humidity, mold and other signs of common ventilation problems, our air conditioner repair and installation company will send air conditioning specialists to your Marco Island, FL home to […]

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As a homeowner in Marco Island FL, you may be tired of opening your monthly utility bills only to find the amount due increases month after month. With the hot and humid summer weather soon to arrive, you may be wondering how you can save money yet stay cool in your home. Our Air conditioning […]

Comments Off on Tips to Reducing Humidity and Mold in Your Marco Island home

Efficient air conditioning repair or installation is the best way to get rid of mold and control humidity. Home and business owners in Marco Island, FL, should understand that humidity and mold contribute to health problems. Homeowners should only trust their heating repair or installation needs to be fulfilled by the experts. Residents in Marco […]

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HVAC maintenance is critical for homeowners in Southeast Florida.  One of the most common HVAC repair items is the condenser coil. This is the device that is responsible for heat exchange within your HVAC system. The main purpose of the condenser coil is to exchange heat in an efficient matter between two mediums. Most often these condenser […]