Making your home energy efficient is not just for those who wish to save the environment, it can also help your wallet through savings. It is fortunate that you are living in an era that is dominated by innovations and technologies that make life more efficient. Other than savings other reasons to make your home energy efficient include healthier living conditions, boost property value and positive environmental effects. Here are a few tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency:

Improve the Insulation in Your Home

The first step to making your home energy efficient should be improving the insulation. Without good insulation, you could be losing plenty of heat during the cold winter days. This is not only affecting your wallet but it can be detrimental to the environment. To ensure that the house is properly insulated, you can do weather stripping all yourself or you can have an expert handle it for you.

Avoid Overusing Appliances

If you have been using certain appliances in the house for decades, you would be shocked at how energy inefficient they are. It helps to replace these appliances with newer models that are more energy efficient. It can be an expensive investment but it pays back in terms if savings. Even after changing to more energy efficient appliances, do not overuse them. For example, set the thermostat at a comfortable setting rather than constantly changing the settings. Also, consider unplugging certain appliances when they are not in use like your television.

Upgrade or Replace Old Windows

It might be time to replace your old leaky windows with more energy efficient models. Your old windows might be a huge source of heat loss in the house, it is, therefore, important to make sure that the windows are as efficient as possible. To upgrade the windows consider replacing aluminum frames with vinyl, tint or installing several panels. You can also consider replacing your windows with energy star rated panels.

Switch Off the Light Bulbs

If your home uses incandescent lights consider replacing the bulbs with fluorescents. Fluorescent bulbs might be expensive to purchase but they help you make savings because they last 25 times longer and consume less energy. Remember when your mother always insisted on switching off lights, you should do the same in your house when you do not need the light.

As a homeowner, the first step to making your home more energy efficient is by getting a home energy audit. Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. is different because we’re a local, family-owned company. Our team is dedicated to offering the best heating and air conditioning services from our family to yours. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!