Home Energy Evaluation Surveys and Energy Audits in Naples & Marco Island, FL

Is your home an energy hog? We can help you find out and recommend ways to improve your home’s efficiency by making simple changes and improvements. Accurate Comfort Services Inc. is pleased to be participating in Energy Star’s Home Performance Evaluation program, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

What is a Home Energy Audit?

This comprehensive energy checkup determines if energy losses are occurring and identify ways to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. One of our accredited technicians will evaluate your home from top to bottom to help you save money while protecting the environment.

Our experienced technicians are trained to use a variety of tools and techniques to assess your home’s efficiency. After we’ve evaluated your home, we’ll provide a list of recommendations to help you curb energy losses and electricity bills that keep climbing.

  • First, we complete a blower door test to see if your home is airtight. This test removes the air from your home to determine whether drafts are entering through windows, cracks, or gaps.
  • Thermographic imaging equipment helps us pinpoint areas where your home is losing energy.
  • Insulation is essential to keep your home cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. We can check insulation levels in your walls and attic to determine where improvements should be made.
  • As experienced HVAC professionals, we also assess the condition of your HVAC equipment and ductwork. Completing a simple tune-up, sealing ducts and recharging refrigerant levels can boost efficiency dramatically.

Small changes can make a big difference. If we identify problem areas during your home efficiency test, we’ll make professional recommendations and help you complete the necessary improvements. Call our Marco Island or Naples offices to schedule a home energy audit with one of your accredited evaluators. We’re here to help you save green by going green.

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